I smell like rubber again!!!

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zavier: Hello, how are you? Dec 26, 2013 18:37:32 GMT
shesmells: Hello everyone, how's life treating you? Dec 27, 2013 9:39:54 GMT
MissFizi: Life is Ok... I can't complain much :) Dec 27, 2013 15:43:13 GMT
shesmells: Good. It's great to hear that. Dec 28, 2013 6:19:46 GMT
jjane14: Hi everyone, I'm kind of new on here. I just wanted to know how everyone is doing? Dec 28, 2013 18:03:35 GMT
zavier: Welcome jjane14. How are doing? Dec 30, 2013 7:56:02 GMT
jjane14: I'm ok especially now that I've found sites like this that show I'm not alone. Wby? Jan 6, 2014 22:26:17 GMT
coco: hi i was the member roses49. Jan 10, 2014 21:01:41 GMT
coco: i was embarrassed to use my actual name but rose is the name of a person very important to me! Jan 10, 2014 21:04:03 GMT
zavier: Yes, it's nice to know there are others who suffer with you, for awhile thought I was alone. Now I know I'm feeling ok. Jan 11, 2014 14:57:42 GMT
zavier: Hi coco. How are you? Jan 11, 2014 14:59:09 GMT
samboy: Hey, everyone. I just set up a blog to do with body odor. Only one post so far. Jan 15, 2014 21:34:22 GMT
samboy: http://bodyodorpsych.wordpress.com/ Jan 15, 2014 21:34:45 GMT
txsteve: Hello everyone Jan 22, 2014 1:23:49 GMT
jjane14: Anyone interested in joining if I make a Skype group? Or does anyone have a Skype or kik account that just wants to talk? My skype is jjane141 feel free to message me anytime. Jan 29, 2014 18:58:11 GMT
coco: any meet ups this year in the uk? Definitely want to meet fellow sufferers Mar 9, 2014 21:41:53 GMT
samboy: Hey, jjane. Just noticed your comment to the blog a month later. I'll be sure to check the blog every day now for any comments. And will upload a couple of posts next week. Mar 18, 2014 0:41:55 GMT
jjane14: Sounds great! Mar 27, 2014 17:16:24 GMT
samboy: Posted another new post just now. If anyone would like to share their personal story about body odor and have it posted on my blog, feel free to PM me. Apr 12, 2014 16:13:53 GMT
halitosis: I would love to talk to some people without fearing they'll rub their nose or knowing the stand 10 feet away from me to say something to me. What is kik? I have used Skype before but never heard of Kik. I also noticed a lot members are from the UK? Apr 12, 2014 18:44:52 GMT